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Varda wields her rapidograph, ipad, watercolors, twisty pencils and whatever else she can get her hands on, to create whimsical and childlike illustrations for books, tshirts, giftware and greeting cards.

My Story

My art

I live on a kibbutz with my family and 1,000 other assorted people, dogs, cats, cows and olive trees. I work in a little shed, smack in-between the baseball field and the cowbarn, which ensures that get to hear the crack of the bat and smell the cows while I try to figure out how to bring world peace through drawing cats and bunnies.


After art school at Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem, I worked in advertising and in textile design before becoming my own CEO (and marketing person, and administrative assistant). My creative journey has taken me through illustrating (and writing) children’s books, greeting cards, bank posters, tissues, dreidels, ice cream sandwich packaging, giftwrap, tshirts and, most recently, back to children’s books again. 


I’m honored to be taking part in Discover Jewish Art. The world could benefit from a collection of Jewish art all in one place, especially in these times of zoom, and remote education & communication. Being as I am part of a multiracial family, and specialize in kid art, I am happy to be able to bring my particular spin on Jewish art to this mix.

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