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Photographer and Designer from Oregon, living in San Francisco.

My Story

My name is Cole and I am a photographer and graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon. Growing up with a camera in my hands, I spent most of my childhood outside photographing the world around me. In my free time, I’m usually either petting stranger's dogs, watering my many houseplants, eating hummus, or taking photos.


Since 2017 my photos have been viewed over 100 million times and downloaded upwards of 500 thousand times online. My biggest successes from this include several features on Buzzfeed, Adobe Spark, Trello, and Tencent. As a result, in 2018 I was hired by Unsplash to lead a Photowalk for Makers to Merchants, hosted by Square and Weebly. During the walk, I gave attendees a tour of Portland’s many color walls, hosted models, and gave photography advice.


In 2020 I was awarded the “Future Leader Award” from Greater Portland Hillel for my time as President of the Israeli cultural group at Portland State University. An award given for the impact I made to the Jewish student community on campus.


My art

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